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CSS 1 property: text-transform

This article is a stub for the property text-transform. Please help us improve HTMLpedia by improving this article.

Property Values

This property accepts the following values:

  • none
  • capitalize
  • uppercase
  • lowercase


<style type="text/css">
     #html_id { text-transform: uppercase; }
<p id="html_id">Contents</p>

Browser Support

If you have tested support for this property in any of the following browsers, please indicate its level of support using one of the following keywords:

  • Full
  • Partial
  • Buggy
  • None

If you indicate that support is "Partial" or "Buggy," please add further comments explaining what's missing or what doesn't work right.

Browser text-transform support
IE 3 unknown
IE 4 unknown
IE 5 unknown
IE 5.5 unknown
IE 6 unknown
IE 7 Full
Browser text-transform support
NS 3 unknown
NS 4 unknown
NS 4.5 unknown
NS 6 unknown
NS 7 unknown
NS 8 unknown
Browser text-transform support
Firefox 1 unknown
Firefox 1.5 unknown
Firefox 2 Full
Mozilla unknown
Opera 6 unknown
Opera 7 unknown
Opera 8 unknown
Opera 9 Full
Safari 3 Full *1
*1: tested with: Safari for Windows 3.0.3

Tips and Tricks

If you know of any useful or uncommon tips or techniques using this property, please describe them here.