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CSS 1 property: text-transform

This property controls capitalization effects of an element's text. Values have the following meanings:

Puts the first character of each word in uppercase; other characters are unaffected.
Puts all characters of each word in uppercase.
Puts all characters of each word in lowercase.
No capitalization effects.

Property Values

This property accepts the following values:

  • none (default)
  • capitalize
  • uppercase
  • lowercase


<style type="text/css">
     #html_id { text-transform: uppercase; }
<p id="html_id">Contents</p>

Browser Support

If you have tested support for this property in any of the following browsers, please indicate its level of support using one of the following keywords:

  • Full
  • Partial
  • Buggy
  • None

If you indicate that support is "Partial" or "Buggy," please add further comments explaining what's missing or what doesn't work right.

Browser text-transform support
IE 3 unknown
IE 4 unknown
IE 5 unknown
IE 5.5 unknown
IE 6 unknown
IE 7 Full
NS 3 unknown
NS 4 unknown
NS 4.5 unknown
NS 6 unknown
NS 7 unknown
NS 8 unknown
Firefox 1 unknown
Firefox 1.5 unknown
Firefox 2 Full
Mozilla unknown
Opera 6 unknown
Opera 7 unknown
Opera 8 unknown
Opera 9 Full
Safari 3 Full *1

*1: tested with: Safari for Windows 3.0.3

Tips and Tricks

If you know of any useful or uncommon tips or techniques using this property, please describe them here.