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Internal Done

Version 0.835

Help: Htmlpedia to Htmlvalidator

Write a program that copy all the help written in Htmlpedia automatically to something usable in Htmlvalidator.

  • write a PHP page that show the help in a way I would like to see it in Htmlvalidator
  • create a good CSS file for this
  • write a mass download program for this that can be reused as much as wished (probably a manual list of page with Tidy and OpenSP or a list builded from OpenSP, HTML_Tidy, Accessibility warnings
  • add a version somewhere in portal (for ex in the help screen) that tell when the last download was done.

File serial_32.gif is missing


Version 0.836

  • Fixed the compatibility problem with Firebug. See bug description
  • Fixed installation problem with Seamonkey 1.1
  • "Wrap long lines" is not anymore hidden when Show Line number is enabled
  • Fixed a problem with Highlight syntax and line numbers


Version 0.837

  • Rewrote the way disable extension works for exeption site with some new Firefox 1.5 API. A new menu is now available Disable for site in the icon menu.
  • Icon menu reorganized
  • Bug Linux: the ./mozilla/.../tidy directory was created with rights 664 (wrong). To make the extension work as a normal user. Chmod 666 was needed. Fixed the code to create the directory with 666 rights.

Version 0.838

  • Bug solved: Line number does not align when the font)size is customized in Content tab > Fonts & Colors Advanced button > Monospace Size box.
  • Browser menu reorganized
  • Translation problem solved (tidyWelcome.xul can be translated, removed and replaced by js)

Version 0.839

  • SGML bug: Skip the space at the start of the file to detect the DTD type
  • Translation problem solved: description of the extension in the Addons screen can now be translated.
  • Big change in the handling of the characterset for the OpenSP files. Consequences:
    • Because of this, the 0.8x extension installs now fine as an end-user on XP and should be also installable as an end-user on Vista too. I hope !!
    • the SGML lib was modified to handle 2 charsets: one for the files UTF8 and one for the files names (OS charset). This makes this change possible for Windows user with non-ascii character in their username.
    • On Windows, All temporary files created by the extension are created in the profile directory in place Program Files.
    • SGML_LIB can stay now in the profile directory, it is not copied anymore
  OLD: C:\Program files\mozilla firefox\sgml-lib\
  NEW: C:\Documents and Settings\mgueury\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\b6at4lbb.default\extensions\{3b56bcc7-54e5-44a2-9b44-66c3ef58c13e}\sgml-lib

Version 0.840

  • Unix Bug fixed: Problem with the right given the profile tidy directory.
  • Unix Bug fixed: Problem with the right given to tidy_inner.html
  • Change the text for the TIDY/SERIAL icon to be in XHTML syntax
  • (Binary>2007_04_02) SGML: Added <tab> in the list of characters to skip to find the doctype in the first 100 characters.
  • Bug Validate now (after javascript): problem solved when validating pages that were not in iso8859-p1.
  • Added a new preferences called "highlight_max" that disable the highlighting if there is more that 100 (default) lines to highlight. The reason is that for big pages with a huge number of errors, the view source was too slow. So, now the default is working a lot better and people do not need to know that they should remove highlighting in such case.
  • (Binary>2007-04-11) big change the way opensp was compiled on Windows. 2 charsets changes was rollback. Now, it is compiled in SP_WIDE_SYSTEM. What changes practically that it should be able to handle UTF16 filename and that all parameters entering to it are in UTF16.
  • (Binary>2007-04-19) Problem with reported for correct HTML []: Metadata missing (link element)
  • Did some mini changes because of an incompatibility of the extension with the yahoo photo extension.
  • (Binary>2007-05-10) New HTML Tidy version from CVS on the 5-5-2007
  • New shortcut for "Copy errors to clipboard" / CTRL+SHIFT+E
  • New translations: cs-CZ, da-DK, de-DE, en-US, fi-FI, fr-FR, it-IT, ja-JP, nl-NL, ro-RO, sk-SK


Version 0.841

  • New translations: pl-PL
  • Installation should rework on Mozilla Seamonkey on Linux. (Bug in
  • Website with IE 7. If you visit your homepage with IE an hovering over a link in the content frame, the menu frame shortens a lot, so that you can't see any menu item.

Version 0.842

  • When installing the extension with
 /usr/local/firefox/firefox --install-global-extension tidy_firefox_linux_0840.xpi
 In "SGML Parser" mode, there is an error:
 Info: cannot open "/home/pkb/.mozilla/firefox/mb5rudw5.default/extensions/{3b56bcc7-54e5-44a2-9b44-66c3ef58c13e}/sgml-lib/sgml.soc"     (No such file or directory)
  • Extension 0.840 was broken on Windows 98 and ME. It is solved !
  • Lot of fixes for Firefox 3 beta 1:
  • Removed the mailing list from the website and the extension help. Replaced it by the forum.
  • New translation : hu-HU (Hungarian) ko-KR (Korean) lt-LT (Lithuanian) ru-RU (Russian) sl-sI (Slovenian)
  • Maxversion is set to 3.0b1

Version 0.843

  • Main page with IFRAME was not validated from 0.842 because of changes for Firefox 3 beta
  • Maxversion is set to 3.0b2
  • Enabled also for SongBird 0.3-0.4 (
 (just the view source works there)

Version 0.844

  • New translations: pt-BR
  • Add a shortcut for validate now (CTRL+Shift+A)
  • Maxversion is set to 3.0b3
  • Fix about missing buttons in View Source with Firefox 3 beta 3

Version 0.845

char * nsTidyImpl::MozStrdup( const char * utf8_str ) {

 return (char*)nsMemory::Clone(utf8_str, strlen(utf8_str) + 1);

} -> Without this Firefox was crashing on startup in Firefox 3 beta3 on Vista Ultimate only

  And in Firefox 3 beta 4 ! (See bug for more info)


Version 0.851

  • There was a problem with the pt-BR translation, the translation files were in latin1 in place of UTF-8...

Version 0.852

  • Bug: With the latest versions of your extension and Firefox 3, copying and pasting sources (anywhere) results in all line
 numbers being appended at the end of the pasted source code.
  • HTML Errors in 2 help pages corrected.

Version 0.853

Version 0.854

  • Binary : fix crash with accessibility level 2 set and an a particular THEAD error done in the page.
  • Seamonkey: version 0.844 was written in place of 0.85x
  • "Error: oTidyBrowser is not defined" could appear in the error console. It is fixed.
  • The extension now work with Firefox 3.1 beta 3.
  • Big page in 0.853. If you go here with 0.853 (not 852) there are errors:
 This was due the fix for . I have rollback the change
  • New translation Chinese-Taiwan
  • Added the possibility to filter OpenSP error in browser and viewsource. Due to potentially slowness of the code, in the browser mode, it is enabled only when there are less than 500 errors in the whole page. (Thanks to Atos for this)