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Internal Fixed

Seamonkey 1.1 / QuickLaunch and files


Quick Start, properly called Quick Launch, think Firefox has this too. It's enabled in Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> "Keep Seamonkey in memory..." That's a default setting on mine. Steps:

  1. Enabled Quick Launch
  2. Install "HTML Validator"
  3. Close browser
  4. Open browser from system tray
  5. Double click on a local HTML file.

Just thought that I also have:

  • Optimoz
  • Spellbound
  • Web Dev Toolbar

installed also, didn't think to check with just HTML Validator. Hope that's what you need.


Reported by the same user that it is fixed by a new version of Seamonkey

httpMethodOPTIONS and uppercase

Date : 2008-11-29


First, I think your validator plugin is excellent. I am a professional web developer and your plugin makes my life easy. I have used it for a few years now, and it just keeps getting better and better! I have run it alongside the other validator plugins, and none of them are as simple, easy, and powerful as yours is. By making validation easy, you are removing the excuse that many lazy developers have that “validating is too hard”. I place your validator alongside Firebug in terms of importance for web developers. Thanks for all of your hard work on it.

One thing I just noticed today that I at least wanted to make you aware of. I wrote a page that caused the validator to throw a warning because I have one element with the id=”httpMethodOptions” and another with the id=”httpMethodOPTIONS”. I have never noticed this behavior, because I know it’s bad practice to do that (use the “same” ID with diff case for two elements) and I don’t do it. But this time, completely by accident, I discovered this. The validator flagged them as being the same ID. I am wondering if the validator ignores the case of element attributes? According to the xhtml spec, elements and attributes are case sensitive. Not a big deal obviously, just an FYI for you if you ever want to take a look at it. I just wanted to send you this because I really DO appreciate your validator. Anything that makes it better is good for the web development community as a whole.




<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
<html xmlns="">
  <a href="" id="httpMethodOPTIONS">a</a>
  <a href="" id="httpMethodOptions">b</a>

I can reproduce that in the tidy downloaded in the 2008_11_29. But not sure if it is a good idea to fix this. I think is it not a good idea to fix this.

Back button not working after new Window

Date: 2008-11-29

Hi, I found a very annoying bug in FF When I open a new window from a link in web site (new window, NOT new tab), and on that new window if I press on any link, the back button is inactive ! Only after the second click the Back button appears. I do not use TABs to browse, and this is VERY annoying for me...

My system, if it matters: Windows Vista DOM Addons: Inspector, HTML Validator

That's it! 10x

Ok, I found the solution, This is a bug in HTML Validator When I disable the addon, the bug disappears.



Reproduced 1. 2. New window 3. navigate somewhere 4. no back button 5. Navigate again, back button is coming back. To fix

If I comment this line in updateStatusBar:

     img.setAttribute("src", icon + ".png" );

It works. It is the command that changes the icon in the status bar. Logged a base bug in Bugzilla:

Not able to reproduce this anymore.

javascript and "<a> converting backslash in URI to slash"

Date 2008-11-29


I logged a bug in Tidy : With a testcase and the line to change in case...