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The idea of creating this site came after all the questions and mails I got from the users of the Firefox extension I wrote: HTML Validator.

The site and the extension are different and complementary. The site is here to meet some other needs about HTML. The site like the extension is free, and will always be free.

  1. The site's 1st goal is to help the extension to get clear and good error messages for HTML_Tidy and mostly OpenSP. The documentation of the extension is not perfect for now. I hope this site will help to improve it.
  2. I hope too that it will be a place for users of the extension to help each other.
  3. I hope also that authors of other Tidy or OpenSP programs will be able to use this info to improve their own program.
  4. And of course, maybe other people interested in other aspect of HTML, or the web in general will find this site useful.


There have been several automatic vandalism attacks on this Wiki. All seem to be done by automatic bots using open proxies. I found this very interesting article in another wiki site: >

Proxy Blocking is described here: >

It was added today (5 dec 2006).

SpamBlackList is explained here, but it is not added yet. It will depend on whether the problem continues or not: >