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Note: This is a draft and not an official actual guideline.

Manual of Style

I would recommend that people follow a consistent style guide to keep the wiki easy to edit and read.


==Heading Level 1== (page title)
===Heading Level 2===
====Heading Level 3====
=====Heading Level 4=====
======Heading Level 5======


  • Don't use under-scores (_) in internal links - i.e. [[Htmlpedia:Manual of Style]] rather than [[Htmlpedia:Manual_of_Style]]. It makes editing easier and more natural.
  • Use the pipe trick to create links easily. E.g. to create a link to this page Htmlpedia:Manual of Style, but just show Manual of Style, type [[Htmlpedia:Manual of style|]] (note this pipe character | before the closing ]]).