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Welcome to HTMLpedia

The HTML Encyclopedia that anyone can edit.


The goal of this site is to help every Web Developer follow the HTML standard as well as possible. It consists mainly of help for error messages of well-known algorithms.

Message description

The goal is to give the following for each of these messages:

  • the cause description of the message
  • one or more examples of an error causing the message and a correction of the error
  • the solution to fix such an error
  • several references to HTML specifications or good articles about the topic.

Further reading

For more information on the topic of web development, see Links and resources.

User Guide

This is a standard wiki. If you want to contribute or help improve the documentation of all these errors or any topic related to HTML, please read this: How to modify a page.


The site contains help for the error messages of the following algorithms:

  • OpenSP: a SGML parser
  • HTML Tidy: a HTML parser
    • Errors: HTML errors that Tidy cannot fix or understand.
    • Warnings: HTML errors that Tidy can fix automatically
    • Accessibility warnings: HTML warnings for the 3 priority levels defined in W3c WAI

The algorithms are used in programs like:


The site contains help for the following languages: