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HTML Element INS

Definition and Usage

The <del> tag is often used in conjunction with <ins> to show updates and modifications made to websites. The <del> tag strikes through text while <ins> underlines the text it brackets.


This article has been edited <del cite="" datetime="2007-04-02T13:43:00" title="Really only this once">two</del> <ins>three</ins> times.


This article has been edited two three times.

Standard Attributes

id, class, title, style, dir, lang

Optional Attributes

Cite gives a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) to provide information on why the text was inserted.
Datetime is used to record the date and time of insertion using the format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss

Title may be used for a brief explanation and is commonly rendered as a tool-tip by most browsers.