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CSS 2 property: min-height

Description of min-height's purpose goes here.

Property Values

The min-height accepts the following values:

  • List
  • of
  • values


<style type="text/css">
     selector { min-height: value; }
<element attribute="foo">Contents</element>

Browser Support

If you have tested support for min-height in any of the following browsers, please indicate its level of support using one of the following keywords:

  • Full
  • Partial
  • Buggy
  • None

If you indicate that support is "Partial" or "Buggy," please add further comments explaining what's missing or what doesn't work right.

IE 3 
Support is None
IE 4 
Support is None
IE 5 
Support is None
IE 5.5 
Support is None
IE 6 
Support is Partial (only supported for table elements inside a table with table-layout: fixed)
IE 7 
Support is Full
NS 3 
Support is None
NS 4 
Support is None
NS 4.5 
Support is None
NS 6 
Support is Full
NS 7 
Support is Full
NS 8 
Support is Full
Firefox 1 
Support is Full
Firefox 1.5 
Support is Full
Firefox 2 
Support is Full
Support is Full
Opera 6 
Support is Full
Opera 7 
Support is Full
Opera 8 
Support is Full
Opera 9 
Support is Full

Tips and Tricks

Internet Explorer < 7 will (incorrectly) treat height as min-height, so you can set height to the desired minimum then use a hack to hide the correct styles from IE, e.g.:

#mydiv {
  height: 100px;

html>body #mydiv { /* IE < 7 doesn't understand child selectors */
  height: auto; 
  min-height: 100px;