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OpenSP: Value of attribute ... cannot be ...; must be one of ...


The value of the attribute is defined to be one of a list of possible values but in the document it contained something that is not allowed for that type of attribute. For instance, the “selected” attribute must be either minimized as “selected” or spelled out in full as “selected="selected"”; a value like “selected="true"” is not allowed.


In XHTML, unlike in HTML, attribute minimization is not allowed:

Bad<td nowrap>
Good<td nowrap="nowrap">


In XHML, the values of the attributes of attributes without values have changed like this:

compact compact="compact"
checked checked="checked"
declare declare="declare"
defer defer="defer"
disabled disabled="disabled"
ismap ismap="ismap"
multiple multiple="multiple"
nohref nohref="nohref"
noshade noshade="noshade"
nowrap nowrap="nowrap"
noresize noresize="noresize"
readonly readonly="readonly"
selected selected="selected"