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Tidy: <...> is not approved by W3C


The following tag is not a standard HTML tag. For most tags, the reason is that there is other ways to achieve the same result with standard tags or with cascaded style sheet.


Bad<nobr>there is no wrapping here</nobr>
Good<table><tr><td nowrap>there is no wrapping here</td></tr></table>

<span style="white-space: nowrap;">there is no wrapping here</span>

<NOBR> is not approved by the W3C; <NOBR> turns off wordwrapping between the start and end NOBR tag. There are several ways to replace a NOBR by standard tag : - You can use the nowrap attribute of the TR and TD tag in a table. In that case, the <BR> element to force line breaks where desired. - The best solution is to use a cascaded style sheet with the attribute: "white-space: nowrap;".


Replace the tag with the equivalent in standard HTML.