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Tidy: <...> missing > for end of tag


The cause may be one of the following two:

  1. The tag of one element in your code may be written incorrectly.
    Every valid element may be used at the appropriate places within an HTML document.
    The correct syntax for this is "<element-name>content</element-name>".
    "<element-name>" and "</element-name>" are called tag. The tag requires the two special characters "<" and ">" to be a tag.
  2. You may have not escaped a special character with an entity.
    Since those two special characters are only used for tags in HTML, they must be escaped or replaced by the respective entities.


<p> missing > for end of tag
As described above, each tag requires a closing ">".

Bad<p some text</p>
Good<p>some text</p>

<p> missing > for end of tag
Use entities for special characters.

BadThis is only the case for 0<p, because of some reasons.
GoodThis is only the case for 0&lt;p, because of some reasons.


Insert missing ">"
Replace "<" with "&lt;".