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Tidy: <...> proprietary attribute "..."


The tag contains an attribute that is proprietary to Netscape or Internet Explorer.


Sample: <table> proprietary attribute "height"

Bad<table height="100%">
Good<table style="height: 100%">


Most tags have a equivalents in standard HTML or CSS.

Tag Proprietary attribute Standard attribute
<body> marginwidth=0, marginheight=0, leftmargin=0, topmargin=0 style="margin: 0"
<frameset> border=0, frameborder=0 ,framespacing=0 None with frameset. See here. Use a HTML table with iframe for the same result.
<table> height=100% style="height: 100%"
<table> nowrap style="white-space: nowrap" or use nowrap in <td> or <th>
<td> background="abc.gif" style="background-image:url(abc.gif)"