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Tidy: ... id and name attribute value mismatch


NAME and ID are the old and the new name for the same attribute. If both are defined, they should be equal. Use id (new) or name (old):

  • The id attribute shares the same name space as the name attribute when used for anchor names.
  • The id attribute can act as more than just an anchor name (e.g., style sheet selector, processing identifier, etc.).
  • Some older user agents don't support anchors created with the id attribute.
  • The name attribute allows richer anchor names (with entities).


Define the name=id or just id.

Bad<a name="abcdef" id="ghijklm">
Good<a name="abcdefgh" id="abcdefgh">
Good<a id="abcdefgh">


Remove one of the both attribute or make the 2 values of ID and NAME equal