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Tidy: missing </aaa> before <bbb>


A closing tag </aaa> is missing before the opening of another tag <bbb>. This is probably due to a implicit close of the <aaa> tag due to the opening of the <bbb> tag.


There are two types of tags in the body of a HTML file, inline and block tags. In the following sample, the <font> tag is an inline tag defined as containing only inline tags. But the <p> tag is a block tag. Thus:

  • a <p> tag cannot be contained in a <font> tag.
  • when seeing a <p> tag the font tag is implicitly closed.
Bad<font size=2><p>abc</p></font>
Good<p><font size="2">abc</font></p>
Good<p style="font-size: 80%">abc</p>
Good<div style="font-size=80%"><p>abc</p></div>

A <font> tag should be contained in a <p> tag and not the opposite. Also, a better way to define the graphical look of a HTML page is to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and use HTML only for the content.


Move inline tags into block elements.