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My name is Marc Gueury. I live in Belgium. I am not not married. But will be very soon on the 9th december 2006 !!! I wrote this site during my freetime and just for my personal interest and mostly for fun because I love this topic :)

The idea of creating this site came after all questions and mails I got from the users of the Firefox extension I wrote: HTML Validator.

The site and the extension are different. The site is here to meet some other needs about HTML. But the site like the extension is free, and will always be free.

  1. The site 1rst goal is to help the extension to get clear and good error message for HTML_Tidy and mostly OpenSP. The documentation of the extension is not perfect for now. I hope this site will help to improve it.
  2. I hope too that it will become more like a place for users of the extension will be able to help each others.
  3. I hope also that other Tidy or OpenSP program will be able to use this info to improve their own program.
  4. And of course, maybe other people or person interested in other aspect of HTML, or web in general.

For any question, my mail is Or add question to the discussion page :)